Ladies That Bus

by Joyce Branagh and the company

Showing Fri 14 & Sat 15 February, 7.30pm

Ladies That Bus

This production ended on 15/02/2020


Ladies That Bus is a heart-warming and hilarious tale of journeys taken and not taken, of regrets and celebrations, of isolation and what it means to be free… Based on real-life interviews with bus travellers in the North West, and peppered with humour, songs and original music, it shows a day-in-the life of the Route 555 bus travelling from Lancaster to Keswick, and the kaleidoscope of different characters that travel on it – each with their very own tales to tell…

What audiences have said:

“An episodic-like play that introduces you to an array of quirky everyday characters that each have a unique, hilarious perspective on one bus.”

“A totally captivating kaleidoscopic glimpse into a series of women’s lives whose only common elements are their use of the bus- and their humanity….”

“A real insight into the rural world of the 555. Not what you expect- in the best possible way!”

“A hilarious, heart-warming, emotional journey!”

The Ladies That Bus developed this play together with Theatre By The Lake. Members of our Elders group, Youth Theatre, Audience members and staff all contributed stories and ideas to the making of this play, which celebrates this area, the individuals and the communities within it.

Prices £12; Students, U16s £7