by Kieran Knowles

Showing From Thu 21 May



Alan has worked as a park ranger for the last 50 years. He knows every square inch of the park; every tree, bush and plant. When a fatal case of wilt disease is detected nearby, the park’s population of beautiful oak trees comes under threat.

The team of park rangers don’t know how worried they should be. Jess tries to create order with an online inventory, Martin is busy dealing with budgets and local councillors and Chris has almost run over a badger. But when they’re hit with the latest round of spending cuts, some difficult decisions need to be made.

A love letter to the natural world, Wilt is a gentle, tender and lyrical play about the nature of change.

Directed by Liz Stevenson
Designed by Ranya El-Refaey

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Production supported by David and Sue Thomas

Occasional strong language

Prices Starting at £26-£10

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