keswick film festival

Derriere les fronts; Resistances et resiliances en Palestine

Keswick Peace and Human Rights Group

Showing Sunday 1 March, 11am

Derriere les fronts; Resistances et resiliances en Palestine

This production ended on 01/03/2020


"The film-maker, Alexandra Dols, followed the daily journey of Dr. Samah Jaber, a psychiatrist and human rights activist, bringing the lens very close to the core of Palestinians’ struggle for freedom. Dr Jaber exposes the psychological strategies of the Israeli occupation and their consequences, and the ways in which Palestinians have learned to cope. In this multi-voiced movie, interviews and columns are intertwined together with poetic escapes suggesting the invisible dimension of Palestinian streets and landscapes.

Dr. Samah Jaber is a wise and thoughtful woman. She reflects on the subtle, devastating effect on Palestinian people of years of brutal occupation. Alexandra Dols’ film shares her insights with us, generous, humane and deeply disturbing.

Please see this film. Ken Loach"

113 mins Alexandra Dols France 2017 (12A)

Prices Adult £7.50; KFF Member £6.50; Student, U16s, Unwaged £4.50