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The Kingmaker (tbc)

Showing Sunday 1 March, 11.15am

The Kingmaker (tbc)


"Together with her husband Ferdinand, Imelda Marcos stockpiled assets worth an estimated $5-10 billion from the Filipino people – not to mention that notorious wardrobe-full of shoes. Yet despite that breathtaking corruption and the brutality of Marcos’ martial law-imposing regime, Imelda and her son Bongbong, who is bidding for the vice-presidency, are on the comeback trail.

An acute study of the psychology of power and a portrait of someone with an incredible, almost inviolable sense of entitlement ICO"

100 mins Lauren Greenfield, USA/Denmark 2019 (tbc)

Prices Adults £7.50; KFF Members £6.50; Students, U16s, unwaged £4.50
The Kingmaker(tbc)
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