• Rails

    Showing from 24th May 2018 until 27th October 2018


    Mike is a 16 year old who’s really into his scooter. He’s really into Sarah too. But she’s probably not that into him. His brother Ben is stuck working in a petrol station and dreams...

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  • Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense

    Showing from 24th May 2018 until 27th October 2018

    “Man and boy, Jeeves, I have been in some tough spots in my time, but this one wins the mottled oyster”

    Join aristocratic man about town Bertie Wooster and his dutiful valet Jeeves for a weekend aw...

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  • Single Spies

    Showing from 14th June 2018 until 24th October 2018

    Alan Bennett’s Olivier Award winning comedy masterpiece uncovers the true stories behind two notorious spies.

    Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt were members of the infamous Cambridge Spies. This compel...

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  • Bold Girls

    Showing from 21st June 2018 until 24th October 2018

    It’s 1991 in West Belfast. With their husbands either locked up or killed, Marie, Cassie and Nora are just trying to get on with their lives, despite the bombs, burning buses and soldiers trampling th...

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  • One Man and a Mule

    Showing from 22nd July 2018 until 22nd July 2018

    For centuries mules were used to transport goods across Britain. Strong, sturdy and able to carry a great deal of weight, they made ideal walking companions – as long as you didn’t ask them to do anyt...

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