Theatre by the Lake

A Rehearsed Reading of Wings

by Nina Berry Fri 9 Apr | 7.30pm

Continuing our work with new writers, we’ve been busy building a ‘Play Engine’ series culminating in three rehearsed readings open to the public.

About Rehearsed Readings

Over the course of our Spark programme we’ve invited three different teams of actors and creatives from Cumbria, and beyond, to work on exciting new plays by talented playwrights that will be shared with audiences for the first time. At the end of each week we’re inviting audiences into our online rehearsal room to see what we’ve been working on.

These free readings will be happening once a month, so if you fancy seeing more than one, do book for the other two rehearsed readings as well. They’re a fabulous insight into some of the exciting work on the horizon at TBTL – come and join us!

The play: Wings  

In the Lake District, encased by the vast landscape and dampened by the relentless rain, a woman, a man and a mother and father hold on to their grief as if it were life itself.

When they discover a child claiming to be their departed son, the lives of these four individuals become entangled and they are forced to question everything they thought they once knew.

Wings is a brand new play written by Nina Berry about loss, what it means to be human and how sometimes grief is a thing with wings.

Check out our other rehearsed reading and book for this too. 

Fri 14 May, 7.30pm: TBC (but you can still book – we’ll tell you what it is later)