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Soundlandscape: all the boggles of Derwentwater

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“Never seen owt like it, have you? Confounding. Astounding. A sight to delight in. And you can hear it too: the whole landscape speaking.”

Come for a walk, down an old lane by a lake you think you know so well, but on this day, at this most unearthly time of year, there are strange spectacles afoot.

Through your headphones, accompany a lone wanderer as you take a stroll by Derwentwater, where centuries of stories are lurking just beneath the surface, waiting to be exhumed. Come for a walk, delve into a landscape of spirits and boggles, of eccentrics and eccentricities, of slate and rain and whispering trees.

But, before you set off on your journey, we should ask you one important question: do you believe in ghosts?

All audiences will need is a pair of headphones and a smartphone, once you purchase your ticket we’ll send you the soundlandscape downloadable map, along with the audio story.

Audiences are encouraged to bring friends and family, but if possible we encourage you to experience the audio walk on your own, walking apart from other members of your group.