Presented by Keswick Mountain Festival

Walking with Purpose: Three Dads on a Mission

Sat 18 May | 8.30pm

Meet Mike, Tim, and Andy—three ordinary dads from different corners of the country whose paths would have never crossed if not for the tragic bond of suicide that unites them.

In the quiet corners of normal homes, these men share a heart-breaking connection: their beloved daughters—Beth, Emily, and Sophie—chose a devastating path, ending their lives far too soon.

Despite the individuality of their daughters’ stories, the common thread of despair binds Mike, Tim, and Andy together. Determined to turn their grief into action, they embarked on challenging walks, a powerful symbol of their commitment to preventing young suicide. Their journey goes beyond the physical miles—they speak passionately about their daughters, the transformative walks, and the crusade they’ve embraced.

In a world that often shies away from discussing the painful reality of suicide, these three fathers bravely break the silence. By sharing their experiences, they aim to dismantle the stigma surrounding the subject, fostering open conversations and empowering parents to address their own children’s concerns. Join Mike, Tim, and Andy in a compelling narrative of loss, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of a future where no parent has to face the devastation of youth suicide alone.