‘Folded’ is a space to share, connect and uplift – created by and for young people in Cumbria. 2 May - 11 Jun 2023.

The feeling of ‘lost’ is why Folded was created. Many young people of Cumbria, especially creative young people, are drained away to other places, and those that remain often express feelings of isolation. Folded is a place where creative community and opportunity can happen, giving a platform to show emerging creatives’ work. This exhibition brings together diverse practices reflecting on the theme of ‘Lost’, however, the creative may interpret that.

Feeling lost can be painful, but it can also be productive. The landscape in which we live provides a perfect tandem: it is the territory of sublime Romanticism where the landscape can feel confining, or free. To the creatives in this exhibition, to embrace being lost is to harness it.

Folded is a strand of The FOLD, a project which uses co-design principles with an aim to encourage participation, empower, share knowledge and build collaborations, made possible by commissioning from Great Place Lakes and Dales.

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