Peatbog Faeries seating

At TBTL, we want everyone to feel truly welcome and comfortable. While we try not to spoil anyone’s enjoyment, we do want to make sure that if you would like to dance you can. Please be mindful of those around you and try not to obstruct their view.

Seat ‘Dancing Status’

Stalls row A, “Standing/dancing at your seat are permitted at this event.”

Rest of the Stalls forward-facing seats, “Standing/dancing at your seat are permitted at this event – your view from this seat may be obscured.”  On row G this is in addition to the usual “Flat access seating with additional legroom.”

Side stalls and lower boxes are currently not on sale, pending decisions about how to accommodate access seating as there is none on row G for this event.

Upper boxes and circle, “You must remain seated during the performance.”  On row A and bar stools this is in addition to the usual, “Safety barrier in place, for best view it is advised customers are over 5ft1″ or 154cm in height,” and “Bar stool type seat with no back, railing in front”.

If you have any questions or feedback, do email us at