The Borrowers

by Mary Norton, adapted for the stage by Theresa Heskins presented with the permission of the deFaria Company

Showing Thu 26 November 2020 – Sat 16 January 2021

The Borrowers


There’s nothing small about the spirit of these borrowing folk.

Below the floorboards of a large old house, we are plunged into the quirky, wonky, miniature world of young Arrietty and her family of Borrowers. Making use of anything and everything they find ‘upstairs’, from cotton buds to postage stamps, the Borrowers are the original up-cyclers.

But Arrietty refuses to be boxed in by her family’s caution about the big world beyond the floorboards. When she decides to go exploring, she comes across the dreaded Human Beans and nothing will ever be the same again.

Fizzing with acrobatic feats, magical storytelling and original music, follow us into the Borrowers’ hidden world as the Main House at TBTL gets turned into a giant adventure playground for these small yet indomitable folk.

A glorious re-telling of a much-loved childhood favourite which will set imaginations alight at Christmas.

For ages 6+

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Accessible performances:
Relaxed - Thu 10 Dec, 12pm
Captioned - Mon 4 Jan, 7,15pm
Audio-described - Sat 2 Jan, 2pm

Prices Starting at £36-£10

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