Thu 11 May 2023

Toby’s coming back… as Hare!

Toby De Salis joined us for our 2022 Christmas Season, he played Rudy in the 'Ballad of Rudy', a Goblin Theatre production. We're very excited to be welcoming him back again, this time as Hare in 'The Lost Spells'.

Toby is also very excited to announce that he will be playing Hare in The Lost Spells, another Goblin production that will be coming to TBTL in May 2023. When asked about his characters, Ruby and the Hare, Toby smiled and laughed, which prompted our next question.

‘What do you like about your characters?’

Toby replied… ‘Rudy is very silly and joyful and was a great role to come into after graduating when everything became very serious having to sign up with agents and finding work. Rudy allowed me to embrace the joy of acting all over again and I could relate to his character. When I was a young kid at school I struggled to concentrate and was a bit naughty, like Rudy’. Toby then went on to say that Hare in ‘The Lost Spells’ has a similar feel to Rudy, excitable, jumps around a lot but is also a good friend and wants to show the World to the main character in the show. He said, about ‘The Lost Spells’, that it is a beautiful script based on a wonderful book with gorgeous illustrations and incredible poems and that he couldn’t wait to be a part of this great production in 2023.

Toby graduated from Rose Bruford College’s actor-muso course in July 2022, he swiftly got work in Lithuania on the Sky History channel in a drama called Royal Mob: This was followed by some Research & Development work at The Lowry and then he landed his role as Rudy in Goblin Theatre ‘The Ballad of Rudy’ which brought him here to the Theatre by the Lake. In Keswick. Toby is a recent  graduate of the Actor Musicianship Course at Rose Bruford College. Credits Include Royal Mob (Sky History) and The Ballad of Rudy (Goblin Theatre Company). Toby Is also a skilled Multi-instrumentalist.

Toby is gifted on a whole host of instruments having started his musical career at the age of 5 on the piano. He moved on to guitar at the age of 13 and has since built up his repertoire to include bass, trumpet, drums, double bass, percussion mandolin and the accordion.

The Lost Spells rehearsals started on 27 Feb 2023 and the dates for the run at TBTL are 24 May – 03 Jun. We can’t wait to welcome Toby back to TBTL, we’ve really enjoyed having him and the cast of The Ballad of Rudy here during Christmas 2022.