Thu 1 Jun 2023

Miriam ‘Call me Jay’ Nyarko

Miriam plays 'Jay' a girl with no name who finds a magical book of spells and conjures up a wild world' in our current production of 'The Lost Spells'... she has a beautiful voice that she has been developing since she was 4... she is now 20 and has had an amazing career! Read on...

I was 10 when I booked my first job in the west end but I started long before that. I first started singing when I was four and my dream was to be a singer songwriter (which I am currently fulfilling) but then my mum put me into acting and I fell in love with it all!!

Miriam’s latest song ‘Built on You’ has just been released, see video below.

I am also a lead in a CBBC show called ‘Almost Never’ and my most recent appearance on screen was in Marvel’s Moon Knight!

I don’t think anyone should become more anyone because the only thing you can ever be is yourself. BUT if there was one thing that I love doing that I would inspire others to do is songwrite! Get all of your emotions out, good and bad and just create. Also never stop singing. Whether you think you can or can’t. There’s nothing like a melody to bring joy to the soul!!

From ‘The Lost Spells – a New Musical’…

… Call me JAY!
I’m new but I’m here to stay
Don’t forget my name
I’m a forest planting bright blue-winged jay
I was lost and I couldn’t see the way…. (WAY)
Now I live in colour, no more grey!

Lastly I do play instruments. I play the piano and am currently learning guitar. But my favourite instrument will always be my voice ahah ❤️

If you want to know more…

  • Miriam has just brought a song out ‘Built on You’ – read more and listen here SOUL TRACKS or watch the video (scroll down)
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  • There’s a lovely article on TRESA from 2020 that shows you just what a talented and experienced artist Miriam is.