Presented by Julie Carter in association with Theatre by the Lake

The Dreamtime Fellrunner

Wed 18 - Sat 21 September | 7.30pm

The Dreamtime Fellrunner is a poetic, fun and moving exploration of Julie’s fellrunning life. Presenting fellrunning as a type of land art and spiritual practice, this is an aesthetic performance which allows people to experience the beauty of a wonderful sport, regardless of their degree of familiarity with the fells and running. Emphasising body-mind-spirit-place connections, The Dreamtime Fellrunner encounters themes of feminism, land rights, ageism and ableism, history and literature, while carrying us on a journey through the Lakeland fells.

“As an older female athlete with a congenital spinal disability I have experienced significant barriers, but I have also gained huge emotional, spiritual and physical reward from being a fellrunner. I want to question certain ideas around outdoor sport being masochistic madness for the macho. I want to question why we think that something called Nature is out there – when we are ourselves are animal beings and part of an ecosystem. Above all I want to perform the aesthetic of fellrunning in a way that allows people to feel the incredible beauty of it.”

This immersive performance also features a discussion and Q&A following the interval.