Theatre by the Lake has two gallery spaces, which are used throughout the year for a wide variety of exhibitions by professional and amateur artists, groups and societies.

Admission to both galleries is free from 9.30am most days. However the gallery spaces are occasionally closed to the public, so please check in advance with Box Office on 017687 74411 if you are making a trip specifically to see an exhibition. View below for current and upcoming exhibitions. If you are an artist interested in showing your work, click here for more information.


Susan Glassford - Travels
Susan Glassford has lived and worked in North Cumbria since 1980 and has been an elected member of the Lake Artist Society for 25 years. Her work has evolved from the original prints, mainly etchings and wood engravings, which she made during the 1980s, to oil, the main medium for her work now.
Balance in composition, tone and patterns are requirements for successful prints so these with colour are the basis of her present paintings. She has over the years drawn and painted her home territory and still does, but travel opens her eyes to new and exciting experiences, which she hopes others may enjoy sharing. She has many sketchbooks from her numerous adventures that have taken her to from Nepal to Morocco and from Norway to Greece.
The paintings in this exhibition are visual images of places she has been to. Some are compilations and not meant to be illustrative renderings of those places. She hopes they conjure up the full array of senses of the places she has seen. Often sketches done many years before can find themselves in later paintings. Art is in her family, her paternal grandfather was an artist and designed the boxes made in the Metal Box, Mansfield Factory. Her daughter Helen is a successful artist and gallery owner in North Fife, near Dundee.
This exhibition runs in the Friends' Gallery from 11 July to 12 August.

The Arts Society, Cumbria - A Level Exhibition
The Arts Society, Cumbria is excited to stage its fourth annual exhibition of A Level student art work which is chosen from seven schools across the county: Appleby Grammar, Ullswater Community, Austin Friars Independent, Queen Elizabeth's Grammar, Cockermouth Academy, Keswick School and Workington Academy. A small team of members within the Society visited each school, and with the help of their staff, choose the best student's work from each school.
The inspiration behind this year's submissions vary from topical political themes such as family, refugees, mental health and pregnancy to art inspired by the natural world with landscapes and portraits featuring domestic birds, sea life, trees and architecture. Students have creatively used a variety of mixed media including oils, watercolour, plaster, clay, fabric, wood and paper to express their vision.  
In addition to the exceptionally high quality of the work on display, the Society are celebrating their 50th anniversary and will award four pupils with prizes presented by their Chief Executive, Dr Florian Schweizer who will also judge the exhibition. These will be presented to the four winners in the autumn. The Society would like to express a huge thank you to the school staffs and students for agreeing to take part in the exhibition. There will be a comments book for members of the public to leave your feedback when visiting.
This exhibition runs in the Circle Gallery from 17 July to 4 September.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Margaret Wilmot
In the Friends' Gallery between 15 August - 16 September
Cumbria Decorative & Fine Arts Society - GCSE
In Circle Gallery between 6 September – 8 October