Theatre by the Lake has two gallery spaces, which are used throughout the year for a wide variety of exhibitions by professional and amateur artists, groups and societies.

Admission to both galleries is free from 9.30am most days. However the gallery spaces are occasionally closed to the public, so please check in advance with Box Office on 017687 74411 if you are making a trip specifically to see an exhibition. View below for current and upcoming exhibitions. If you are an artist interested in showing your work, click here for more information.


Friends Gallery

The Gardens of Persephone by Mike Healey
The ancient Greeks explained seasonal changes with the disturbing yet strangely beautiful story of Persephone. One day Hades (King of the Underworld) saw the beautiful young Persephone gathering flowers and promptly abducted her, dragging her down to his bleak, underground kingdom. In vain Demeter – Persephone's mother - scoured the globe, desperately searching for her daughter; wherever she went, plants shrivelled, rocks splintered. In the end a compromise was reached – as often happens between Greeks. The gods decided that Persephone would remain in the Underworld for half the year as Hades' queen, returning to Earth for the other half – hence Spring/Summer turning inevitably into Autumn/Winter in an endless cycle of death and regeneration.
Persephone's Gardens are therefore an exploration of these diverse worlds, together with a look at the Elizabethan stage that drew widely on ancient Greek mythology for many of its plots.
About the artist
Mike Healey is based in the Lake District although for the last ten years he has been living and working mostly in the South West of France and Greece (Corfu and Thessalonica). He is now back at Theatre by the Lake after a break of twelve years since his last exhibition in the Friends Gallery. As former Associate Director of the Oxford Playhouse, he draws on his experience of both stage and television to inform his art. He is also a writer of crime fiction, historical novels, short stories and stage plays. He is currently the featured artist in the October edition of Cumbria Life. You can see more of his work on his website here.

In the Friends' Gallery between 31 October 2018 - 16 January 2019

Circle Gallery

The Northern Collective
The Northern Collective is a group of artists who regularly come together in and out of the studio, to draw, to be inspired by and learn from each other. The disciplines of printmaking, sculpture, assemblage, textiles and painting are often blurred or realigned to create surprising and dynamic artwork. This first exhibition includes friends from Cornwall and Germany whose geography and insight add a further creative dimension.
This exhibition runs in the Circle Gallery from 10 October - 12 November.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Go Figure
In Circle Gallery between 15 November - 16 January 2019