Keswick Society of Art

Keswick Society of Art is an all-inclusive society aiming to bring together like-minded artists who work in two dimensions. Come and see our exhibition at Theatre by the Lake 12 June to 17 July 2023.

Our membership includes all levels of practitioners, from semi-professionals to, maybe, retired people who wish to take up an interest they had some time ago. All prospective members are included.

Our artists work in a variety of two-dimensional disciplines including painting (watercolours, acrylics, oils), drawing, mixed media, collage, printing, and so on. Currently we are encouraging more printmakers to join us.

Each year we have several selling exhibitions in different places and our main show in September is well known both in our own area and beyond. Each month we come together for a meeting and an appropriate demonstration by a known artist. These are very popular. During the summer months we come together for painting days held at a variety of venues.  

If you’re interested in joining us, why not come along for a “taster” session at a monthly meeting. You’ll find us a friendly bunch always willing to share what talent we have.

So. Come on in. The water’s lovely!