Keswick Society of Art

Keswick Society of Art is an all-inclusive society aiming to bring together like-minded artists who work in two dimensions. Come and see our exhibition at Theatre by the Lake ends 30 August 2023.

Participating schools include the Cockermouth School, Keswick School, Appleby Grammar School, Austin Friars Independent School in Carlisle, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Penrith, and the James Rennie School for Special Needs in Carlisle.

The wide variety of themes feature reflections, solitude, crowds, portraits and landscapes. The many portraits in various media are particularly accomplished in their exploration of states of mind. Echoes of the pandemic can be seen in moving NHS portraits. The younger pupils from the James Rennie School for Special Needs have presented colourful artworks on the theme of gardens.

The Mayor of Keswick, Steve Harwood, was invited to select three artworks that appealed to him most. The works chosen were a kaleidoscope by Millie Turner of Cockermouth School, Solitude by Ellen Grogan of Keswick School and a black and white cut-out portrait of Jimmi Hendrix by Theo Coward of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Penrith.

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with teachers in North Cumbria in creating this opportunity to promote young artists”, said Fiona Campbell. Fiona Campbell, along with Stuart McElhinney and Ann O’Donovan are the Art Society’s co-ordinators, and are who made it all happen.

The exhibition ends on 30 August and entrance is free. The Theatre is open Monday to Saturday from 12 – 7.30 pm on performance days and until 5 pm on non-performance days.. The Theatre’s Gallery is on the mezzanine and upper floors.

The Arts Society Cumbria is a member of The Arts Society, a leading arts education charity with a global network of 385 local Societies, which brings people together through a shared enjoyment of the arts. The Society organises lectures, study days, trips and social events as well as arts volunteering. Its members come from all over North Cumbria and further afield. The Society welcomes new members and can be contacted by email at