Tue 15 Aug 2023

EBT+Plus with Emma McGordon

Emma McGordon will be joining us after 'Every Brilliant Thing' to performing from a series of "disconnected poems".

After submitting to publishers for many years, Emma consistently receives feedback from editors that they are looking for a work that is “thematically linked”. Emma is currently exploring that sometimes our sense of disconnection is what connects us. The work is taken from various stages of her career and brings together the performed pieces that she has received the most feedback on from audience members who keep asking where can I buy your work. Emma plans to work with a dance artist soon to further understand how responsive movement, such as that seen in nature, can be the tie that binds the seemingly disconnected.

Find out more about Emma McGordon

A working-class writer who grew-up in the harsh social landscape of 90’s Whitehaven and was labeled by a Headteacher as a child who would ‘just never be able to read or write much,” Emma has spent the last 40 years seeking out belonging and connection. Her most recent work includes development of a Spoken-word /dialogue play, extracts of which can be heard here… photo credit @hollyrevellphotography

Still want to know more about Emma, she has a You Tube channel you can follow…