Wed 16 Aug 2023

EBT+Plus with Andy Airey

Andy Airey will be joining us after 'Every Brilliant Thing' to talk about 'We are 3 Dads walking - Raising Suicide Awareness Across the Country One Step at a Time'.

Raising awareness.
Suicide is the biggest killer of those under 35 in the UK. We only learned this terrifying fact because our daughters took their own lives within the last 3 years. By raising awareness, we hope we can help prevent other families from being devastated by suicide.

Andy is born & bred in Cumbria and has spent much of his life living, working and playing on and around the Lake District fells. He lives with his family, Fiona & Gregor, in the Eden valley. Their lives were sent on a completely unforeseen trajectory when their daughter, Sophie, took her own life on December 19th 2018.

In looking for a charity to support for Sophie’s funeral they were introduced to PAPYRUS, the national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide. They realised that PAPYRUS was the perfect charity to support them in their darkest time and they were determined to bring something positive out of the utter devastation of losing Sophie.

The 2022 Walk – The UK
Andy, Mike and Tim all set out to highlight the fact that suicide is the biggest killer of young people across the entire UK. They realise that wherever you live in the UK, suicide is a tragic part of so many people’s lives. By walking between the parliaments of the 4 nations they helped highlight the help PAPYRUS can offer across the UK.

Head to their website to find out more on 3 Dads Walking