How to ‘Be More Lucy’

Lucy Yates is the riffing, drum playing Woodpecker in 'The Lost Spells - a New Musical' we asked her how she got here and where she is going... this is what she said!

Okay let’s go!

I was 9 – my parents asked if I could play any instrument what would you play and then added, don’t say drums, so of course I said drums but they listened and then here we are. Don’t get me wrong though, I was drumming on pots and pans before that.

I have been an actor-muso since I went to drama school which is where I realized that I could combine the crafts and create multi-faceted art. Acting/musical theatre and drums had been quite separate for me until then; I also came from a visual art background. Drama school helped me view myself as a creator, with all of these separate skills like tools in my toolbox which I could pull out and use in conjunction with each other in the same place. I was also in bands when I was a teenager and only since graduating have I picked that back up, I’m in a band called CHARLESCANTBREATHE – yes you can find us on Spotify and our Instagram is @charlezcantbreathe we usually gig in London and Brighton.

Wow, it’s mad to be asked how to be more Lucy.

I still feel like a tiny seed (or maybe a little sapling?) As I’m still growing and beginning my career. HOWEVER this is my three step manual to being a bad-ass queen

  1. Pursue your interests and follow your dreams (even when people tell you that you can’t!)
  2. Continue to learn, always.
  3. Your uniqueness is your talent. Enjoy being odd.

Lucy plays drums, the cajon and uses her voice superbly! Fun fact though, she uses 4 types of stick in the show and has both a cowbell and tambourine attached to her kit!

If you want to know more about Lucy and follow her career, check out CHARLESCANTBREATHE, they are releasing an EP this summer! Find them on Instagram HERE.